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Default In a toxic relationship with cigarettes

I've quit smoking three times in the last few years but the stress of school and work made me relapse. Starting to smoke again hasn't made me feel any less stressed and now I'm regretting it but I just can't seem to let go. It's taking a toll on my weight and exercising performance. I'm worried that quitting will cause my already high anxiety to overflow to an unbearable limit. Should I wait until I have a less stressful period to quit again or should I do it asap?
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Default Re: In a toxic relationship with cigarettes

I quit during a highly stressful period. I figured then was as good a time as any and I needed to find a way to deal with the stress without smoking. Mine was a punching bag. One of those that you sock and it pops back up. It was and still is a great stress reliever for me.

If most people don't find a way to deal with stress then they tend to go right back to smoking to relieve it. I wish you luck in quitting.
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Default Re: In a toxic relationship with cigarettes

I'm so sorry you're hurting so much, TheNightWhistle I'd suggest to quit right away if you can. The more you wait, the harder it will be to quit later! I completely agree with what Raindropvampire has already wisely said better than I ever could! I'd suggest to listen to her if you can and want! She always gives some great advice! I'd suggest to start as soon as you can if you can. Remember to take all the time you need. Just take it one step at the time. Just take baby steps. No need to hurry. It won't be easy and it will take time but you can do this! It can be done and we all believe in you! I believe in you! We're all rooting for you! You're a strong, wonderful person! Please remember that. Remember that we're here for you if you need it! Feel free to PM me anytime! Let me know if I can do something to help you! Wish you good luck! Let us know how it goes! I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this, TheNightWhistle! You're a strong, wonderful person! You don't deserve to suffer at all! I'm so sorry you're going through all of this
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Default Re: In a toxic relationship with cigarettes

I hear ya Sister (or brother). I was supposed to have quit by the time I was 40 and I am 44 now and havent done it. I am sitting here with an imobilized shoulder from rotator cuff surgery and a prisoner in my house so smoking has increased, and I am not sure what to do either.
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