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Default Distressing condition

Hello everyone,

Been a member on here for a few years now but not posted in a while. Still curious about a mental disorder I have which has its routes in OCD and anxiety.

A little history: Since my late teens/early twenties I have had a disorder whereby if I felt contaminated or dirty then the area I felt affected on my body would hurt or become irritated. This lasted until either I removed the clothing I was wearing, washed the skin etc. Since I have got older (I am now 34) the symptoms have gotten worse. I have also suffered from OCD, anxiety and depression over the last 15years. In my childhood/early adolescence I had a fear of germs. Since 2010 I have been on anti-depressants. Citalopram up to last year and now Sertaline where I am building up the dose.

The symptoms of this disorder now have become a lot longer lasting such as a few weeks or a month. I had an anxiety/OCD episode last November where I experienced a distressing irritation in my feet for a few weeks which was maddening.

I currently work with children in a Nursery and a few weeks ago an unruly child spat at me in the face. At first i thought I could get past it but then I developed an irrational fear that I have caught something such as HIV or other viruses. I know in myself that the likelihood is non-existent but my OCD is very powerful and the irritation in my feet returned and also I felt pain behind my eyes. The last few weeks my eyes have been quite sore and sensitive. I am not sure whether this is due to the disorder or the sun being out in Britain for a change! Also the pain and irritation moved to other ares in my body which was extremely distressing.

I started to feel a lot more positive after I returned from a family holiday last Bank Holiday Monday and because the weather was better over the the UK then Tenerife I decided to go to the local pub (through a park) for a few before going back to work the next day. I lost a set of keys that evening. My OCD and depression came back and I gave myself a psychological roasting for it almost to the point of ending it all which would be a mercy.

I honestly feel like I need sectioning and seeing a psychiatrist over this condition that I have had for the last 15 years at least. I have seen people in the past but never helped long term.

I apologise for the very long winded post and hope some people may have some advice or experienced the same thing. Please tell me I'm not alone!! I keep telling people about this disorder but no-one understands and I feel I'll be six feet under before its over.
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I'm sorry I don't have any experience with anything such as this nor do I have any advice (except to maybe talk about all of it at length with your therapist, if you see one.) But I thought I would just leave a quick note letting you know I read your post... & I wish you well.
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