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Unhappy Newly Diagnosed..

I was just diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder. Am i crazy? I have OCD and somatic symptoms and I am completely obsessed my health and making me believe I have a condition as well as my family. Is there a way to get out of this mindset? I also have major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, binge eating disorder, dissociative personality disorder, psychosis, and early stages of schizophrenia. I feel like I'm losing my mind and idk what to do. Im 19 and this has always been my life i don't know anything else. I feel like this life isnt even real. I swear im just a puppet on strings. Someone help please!!!
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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed..

Crazy is a word a person calls another person, just observing behavior not knowing what the person feels or what causes symptoms.

Any mental disorder can be called being crazy.

But I think it is a bad idea. I'd rather using the names of the diagnoses or describing what symptoms are bothering us.

It is hard to just convince yourself you're not ill. It is better to try acceptance, like "If I get ill for real, I'll deal with it then", or "No one can ever know with total certainty they are physically healthy, and that is OK, part of life is not being totally sure, if I am told I am healthy I must try to live accordingly and accept the unknowns".

With anxiety and PTSD it is easy to catastrophize, but if you can somehow try to be at peace with the bad things that will happen in life, you might also be calm enough to feel for real that a lot of the time things also go right.

At times when I've felt like life is a strange game, I have told myself, at least I will be a good and interesting part. I sometimes wonder if there is a source or creator of this. And if so, if they are good, bad, neutral or... all of them. I know it is a strange belief, but I think sometimes the creator is also growing, as life as we knows it develops.

Whatever happens, try to maintain a bond with others. It's easier knowing one isn't alone.
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