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Unhappy Treatment for somatoform disorder (Amisulpride?)

I have been diagnosed with a somatoform disorder almost one year ago by my current psychiatrist, in my case it manifests itself through tactile hypersensitivity (I am more sensitive to touch and physical stimuli that didn't bother me before or wouldn't bother other people). We've been trying several meds but none has worked properly so far. I've been on Amisulpride (which is the most effective medication for somatization anxiety based on what I've read) and Prazepam (an anti-anxiety benzo) since the very beginning. We have tried a variety of other antidepressants and sleepings pills along the way, such as fluoxetine, duloxetine, trazodone (I am on trazodone for depression and sleeping issues at the moment), clonazepam, lorazepam, flurazepam, etc... all as sleeping pills.

Now I am not seeing any benefit in taking Amisulpride anymore so I am very depressed thinking that I could be one of the few people it doesn't work on, so I would like to share views and opinions with people that have possibly found an effective medication for their symptoms or even just if they have similar symptoms to mine. I have recently started therapy too because I was desperate and I didn't know what to do anymore and they've been reassuring me that we'll find the cause of my discomfort and that we will get rid of the symptom but it's hard to stay strong and positive after a wasted year. I just wish I could have my old life back.
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Smile Re: Treatment for somatoform disorder (Amisulpride?)

I'm not one of the members you're looking for here on PC. (Hopefully you may yet hear from one or more of them.) But I noticed you had yet to receive replies to your post. So I thought I would write one. You mentioned having recently started therapy. Here's hoping that goes well for you & that being here on PC can be of some comfort & support. Best wishes...
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Default Re: Treatment for somatoform disorder (Amisulpride?)

Sorry to hear this. I recommend looking for a therapist who is also a certified Somatic Experiencing practitioner.
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Default Re: Treatment for somatoform disorder (Amisulpride?)

I don't know anything about somatoform disorder, but came across your thread as I am also on Amisulpride
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