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Default Advice about a friend?

Hi Guys.

Last year (my Sophomore year) I guess I was a really shy, quiet guy who didn't have any friends at all, so I'd end up usually sitting by myself at lunch usually. I would talk to this girl in my reading class (and we kind of started becoming friends when I gave her some stickers) as I was trying to overcome my social anxiety back then. But we didn't really start becoming "friends" until later on in the school year.

Anyhow, fast forward to like four months later into the school year after it started, I started finding out that we had the same lunch shift together. So whenever I'd see her I'd just quietly say hello whenever I saw her, and it happened like two or three times where we'd just make eye contact, and go on our own ways. But then she and her friend started coming to sit next to me, and ever since then, we started becoming friends.

But now, I'm in my Junior year. And the beginning of this school year I still had somewhat of social anxiety. But again, I was trying to overcome it, so one day I just asked for her number because it felt really nice to actually feel like I made a friend. And ever since then we've been texting, and we've been hanging out after school volunteering together.

But I'm always the first one to text her, and lately the past few times we've been staying after school to volunteer, she's been coming in with another friend, or her cousin, and she won't really talk to me or interact with me. And it gets really awkward, and one time like last week I wanted to just start crying because it hurt so much, she didn't even say hi to me. I was going to at first, but I was waiting for her because she walked closer to me, but she ended up never saying hi to me. And I thought she was mad at me, or just found me annoying, or didn't want to talk to me at all. But later on like an hour or two, she started talking to me, and asking me how I was. I guess she felt bad after seeing me walk alone as we were walking down to the volunteer center after school, and me being extremely quiet. And she's not the type of person to be rude, and I can be kind of an awkward person to be around with too sometimes, but . . . I don't know. :/

And I'm a guy, but I don't like her in anyway like that, since I'm gay, and I usually find it so much easier to just connect with girls than guys.

Well, but does anyone have any advice or input into this?

Thank you.
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