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Default Shortness of breath

Hello, I have 3 different anxiety disorders i think I am a hypochondriac I also has autism but I function pretty well the only thing that I don't do is talk to people except my brother my 2 friends and parents if you saw me in public I would not talk to you anyways let's get to the point let's see back in December I got a little lightheaded during the day then a few nights later I got really lightheaded and went into a full blown panic attack I'm now on hydroxyzine for my anxiety but I only take it before bed i use to have lightheadedness back in 2016 but everything is coming back and last few nights I've been having short breath but last night it was worst when I laid down I'm obese forgot to mention every time I was half asleep I would wake up gasping for air happened about 20 times anyone else having this with their panic disorder? Sorry for writing this long message but it calms me when I write it down
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Default Re: Shortness of breath

I don't personally have any recent experiences with a panic disorder, but I do have GAD and I can tell you that shortness of breath is EXTREMELY common in people with anxiety-related illnesses.
I've taken hydroxyzine, but I know my doctor has always been against it because it's easy for your body to get too accustomed to it. Have you asked your doc about all this? I think he would be the best person to talk to.
Knowing you mentioned autism, I can understand it might be a bit harder for you to talk to people about this stuff in real life -- but I think it would definitely be a good idea to talk to a school nurse or your doctor if you notice any shortness of breath or chest pain outside of your panic attacks.

Hope this helps!
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