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Trig Oh my god,things are going bad

I have been depressed for a few years but Itís basically cake walk compared to what I have encountered recently after listening to a song. The tunes and stuff are good but as I check the lyrics (as the song is Japanese) things start to get wierd. The moment I finished checking the first verse I suddenly felt like being tempted to do something bad and while Iím doing homework I suddenly have the urge of
Possible trigger:
Itís like the lyrics are expanding the dark side of my thoughts to an unbelievable huge shadow,which is pretty wierd as everyone else know just got creeped out instead of feeling what Iím feeling.
I know that I must try to conceal the feelings or else bad things are bound to happen but itís just so hard,especially considering that the depression that kicks in at the times when Iím spending a hard time on trying to stop the ďdark sideĒ to go out of control
Possible trigger:
And the lyrics also somehow strapped me to my bed when Iím sleeping. I now canít go to the bathroom without the fear of a yandere hiding inside it,despite knowing it is not realistic. Next I canít read a nice book when Iím losing sleep because of the fear of the words rearranging to a very scary photo from a video on YouTube and suddenly Iím cuddling on my bed in a extremely scared state worrying about what horrifying might happen if I move an inch.
Talking about YouTube,YouTube has also contributed to my Fear of Moving An Inch while sleeping. I see a video about creepy stuff and my sense tells me not to watch it or you are going to be even more scared but my curiosity just wonít settle down unless I watched he video. After watching it,when Iím about to sleep the creepy stuff I just seen earlier joins the army of fearsome things and straps me onto my bed furthermore.
Sometimes I have a nightmare when some random dude sung the first verse of the mentioned song(song name:绯色月下 and bla bla bla,I cant type Japaneseand is not showing the first verse due to its length and how yandere it is)and, after finishing the verse,
Possible trigger:

All those had made me feel so hard to fall asleep and the ďdark sideĒ is getting slowly but surely harder to control. I need to find a way of getting rid of all those things I have been feeling but just have no idea how. Can someone please help?

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