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Paul Romano
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Took the test just to confirm what i already new exept for bipolar ?? I have ocd and depression it started when i was 18 now im 38. I gave up along time ago trying to get help, im from Australia by the way if that makes any difference. First i saw a psychiatrist he didnt care what i had to say and just gave me drugs which im addicted to now. Then i saw a phycologist who didnt even look at me when i talked to her, all she did was scribble in her book, i felt like she was just drawing pictures. Then i saw a therapist who was actually starting to help me then all of a sudden told me she couldnt help me anymore??? Lack of funding i dont know ?? So i decided to help myself since no one else would. Its been up and down, i dont know how ive lasted this long. Maybe its because ive made myself go to work every ****ing day even though i found it very hard to get out of bed in the mornings plus someone has to financialy support the family i guess i have to because im "the man" im the one thats sick im the one that should be at home everyday and she should be working everyday. All i know is that my kids keep me going. ''What does one do when they ask for help but dont get it ???"
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"Thanks for this!" says:

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Hello Paul Romano: Thanks for sharing your score. I noticed this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to Psych Central. I'm sorry you have had such a difficult time finding appropriate treatment. There are many members, here on PC, who will be able to identify with your experiences.

You mentioned getting up every day & making yourself go to work no matter how you felt. I'm a so-called "senior citizen". And that is pretty-much what I've always done... just made myself get up & do whatever needed to be done that day... whatever it was. Many years ago my father was fond of saying: "You're not required to like it. You're just required to do it." I've taken that as my mantra.

By the way, here are links to the depression & OCD forums here on PC just in case you haven't already found them:

And then here are links to 5 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that (hopefully) may be of interest:

Depression: Symptoms, Types & Treatments | Psych Central

Living with Depression: A Guide for Coping with Depressive Feelings | Psych Central

Men and Depression: How Male Depression Really IS Different | What is TMS?

I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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Paul Romano
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Default Re: Score was 111

Thanks for your understanding and your help 👍
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