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Post Control Panel: getting to know it :)

Hi there! There's a control panel on the same page where you send and receive PMs, where you can adjust how you view and use the options here at Psych Central. (Access it through Private Message links.)

On your User Control Panel page, on the left hand side is a column:

Your Control Panel

Your Profile

Edit Your Details
Customize Profile
Edit Profile Picture

Contacts & Friends
Social Groups
Pictures & Albums

Settings & Options
Edit Avatar
Edit Signature
Edit Email & Password
Edit Options
Edit Ignore List

Private Messages
List Messages
Send New Message
Track Messages
Edit Folders

Subscribed Threads
List Subscriptions
Edit Folders

Event Reminders

Your Quizzes
View All Saved Quizzes
View My DailyMood
View Mood Tracker
View Sanity Score

Find Others
Others Like You
Based upon your
primary concern,
if you chose one
under edit your details.
Edit your details:This has: Registration Required Information - All fields are required. Email & Password, Primary Concern
Optional Information - All information will be viewable by other forum members. (Here you can post your "title", birthdate etc.
Additional Information (This is where you can post your biography, blog [/B]links etc.)

Networking Here you can add a Member to Your friend List, access your social groups, and pictures and albums.

Settings and Options This is the place to select your "avatar". An avatar is a picture/icon that posts next to your screen name. It can represent you, or something to which you want to draw attention.

You can also create a "signature." A signature is the saying at the bottom of your post that posts with every post. (Often called a "siggy.")

This is where you can edit options regarding your emails and how you view the forums. Whether you display your email addresses, whether you show up on the "who's online" list when you are online or whether you wish to be "invisible" instead.

It's also where you can choose what time zone you wish to view the site (not everyone is in the Eastern zone and may become confused as to when a post was made, when hosted chats are held etc.)

You can choose your Private Messaging settings, as well as which forums you will block or view.

You can "ignore" members that you disagree with and don't wish to read accidently.

Private Messages This is a quick access to all your PMs on your lists, tracked messages, folders, and probably most used: Send New PM to send a message to another member.

Subscribed Threads Here you can view all the threads that you have subscribed to...meaning you want to be notified when a topic thread you are interested in receives a new post. And here you can edit those choices.

Miscellaneous This option allows you to view any events such as a regular chat, that you wish to remember. It also keeps track of any attachments you have made to any of your posts in the forum.

Your Quizzes This is a quick access to all the quizzes you have taken --and saved. It holds your daily Mood Tracker (you need to input this daily here as well) and tracks your ongoing "sanity scores."

Find Others Here you can "find others like you"...this is based upon details that you've added about your concerns, why you are here. It will display all other members who have also listed their concerns that match yours.

Check it all out (there's a bit more than what I listed). Be safe but share what you can, and enjoy the site to it's fullest!
Control Panel: getting to know it :)
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Default Re: Control Panel: getting to know it :)

how do you get a backround image
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Default Re: Control Panel: getting to know it :)

Originally Posted by Insomnia Island View Post
how do you get a backround image
That's part of Customize Profile. By the way, the system might not let you upload images until you've posted a few more times.
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Default Re: Control Panel: getting to know it :)

Thans for this
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