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Default Re: Menopause? No idea what I'm talking about here

I always had very long and very heavy regular periods until about two years before officially hitting menopause at 52. I urge you to talk to your ob/gyn. They would help you to gain clarity.
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Default Re: Menopause? No idea what I'm talking about here

Originally Posted by Calypso2632 View Post
So my periods have never been regular, but they did come fairly regularly.. sometimes at the 4 week mark, sometimes 5, sometimes longer. Sometimes in between. But now I'm noticing I'm not buying products as much. Or using as many. My period was never super heavy to begin with but now it's pretty mild. I think it's been about 6 weeks since my last. I'm obese so that probably contributes. I've always had hot/cold issues my temperature is never right!! I had a tubal ligation like 7 years ago so pregnancy is out. Yes it can happen but seriously, I doubt it.
I'll only be 37 this fall.. I thought this stuff happened later in life.. I have no one to go over this with. Don't talk to my mom, and she had a full hysterectomy when I was young. So..
Maybe my sister has some insight. We are only half siblings and not close tho. Ugh.. health matters are hard when your family is shot..
I am 47 it just emotions are all over the map no period since January, hot flashes, and if someone bump me in the street I wanna punch them. I have never been confrontational. Hot flashes Iíll deal with but the up and down emotions I canít..
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Default Re: Menopause? No idea what I'm talking about here

I am not sure I had the emotions thing but I am 48 and I am really suffering the hot flashes, or rather it is like waives.

One moment I am hot -- one moment I am cold... definitely have never experienced this before. No period since December.
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