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Default nails

I love getting my nails painted.

in fact it's my favorite self care activity

recently got them redone blue

anyone else here like their nails done?
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Default Re: nails

I do my own. I used to get them done but the adhd and dythskenisia make it so hard not to fidget and all I could think of was when it was gonna be done. Plus I started to get grossed out of what must be underneath because I have seen some looking gross. I have a huge nail kit and the great part is none of the stuff is expensive. Nearly all of it is fast/speed dry so I have a chance at not messing it up and every one gets a glitter top coat or polka dots, confetti, etc. The best way to hide imperfections is to smother it in some kind of glitter or textured top coat. I love fast dry by wet n wild and I have some gel polishes from them as well as Sally hanson. I got my cuticle nippers at Sally Beauty supply and I order my nail polish remover cups off amazon. I have a corrector stick for small mess-ups and always use a gel clear coat. I found my favorite file by Revlon. I guess I got way to excited over this topic!
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Default Re: nails

Oooooo, pedicures are the best! My nail place has a youngish man who does them for $20. Hes a little remote, so its not creepy.
I would love to have acrylic nails again but they make your real nails weak and I do water aerobics now and that would ruin them.
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Default Re: nails

Not really. I need my claws as is
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Default Re: nails

I LOVE having my nails done! But I do it rarely. i think i feel bad spending money on it. Though that's not a judgment....I think it's just because my mother never had her nails done when I was growing up and she was my female role model. But when I am invited to a wedding or other special occasion, I get my nails done for a treat....really completes the look. And it looks SO much better than when i do it. Pedicures are the stuff of heaven on earth. You've swayed me RV I'm going to have my nails professionally done before an upcoming trip! And to welcome spring fever!

Blue you said....fantastic! I've seen women with that color, very striking! On my toe nails, I like a nice deep purple. Looks cool on finger nails but I never do both, one or the other, or french manicure on fingers and color on toes.

Great thread!
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Default Re: nails

I've had them done, but they break so easily that's it's too much of an ordeal to keep having them redone.

Anybody do french nails?
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