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Default As a young girl and as a woman...

When I was younger, I considered myself a tomboy. I grew up with four brothers, and two sisters, both parents. I'm not sure why, but there was always tension between my older sister and I while our other sister always "had her side" and I believe this affected my relationship with ALL women. I probably shouldn't say this, but I felt the same way for mother the way she felt for me.

When I found I was pregnant with my daughter, I began to go out of my way to get along with my mother. I swallowed my pride to show my daughter a different relatioship rather than one she would have seen. Only they go and make things worse for me and my daughter. My daughter one day told me I was her best friend. My sister and my mother called cps on me, and used my father and my brothers to back them up.

They say women could be evil, but I guess I didn't expect it from them or that I didn't expect it to happen to me... I know that when my sister had her first son (I was 11), as his aunt, I took care of him while neglecting my social life and education. And when my other sister would go days without coming home while I watched her daughter. I didn't call cps for her leaving from Thurs. to Tues. (which is considered abandment).

I've always felt women should stick together, hence my reason for getting closer to my mother for my daughter's sake. Men get the support of both men and women, but women get dissed and looked upon and treated bad regardless. If a female is in distress, why not be a better person and be there for her, regarless of what she has or has not done.

I have helped four women leave their abuser, and I told two of them because the other two 'disappeared' that "no matter how many times you go back or if you think I'd get mad for you going back..., I couldn't say that wouldn't be mad, but even if I were to be mad so what, call me, and I will be there for you." I couldn't be too mad to think that one day they might have gotten killed.
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Default Re: As a young girl and as a woman...

What was the reason they gave cps when they called? Did cps come to investigate?
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