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Default Re: Work Gripes Thread

I'm still working from home, but the factory workers at my office have to start wearing masks.
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Default Re: Work Gripes Thread

My Pdoc asked me if I was scared to go back to work because of the looting

As Tatianna from Drag Race would say

“Thank you”
Everyone: How are you so calm all the time?
Me: *****, I’m a performer.

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Default Re: Work Gripes Thread

So, my job is to manage things. My job is straight up to make sure that my boss gets his job done on time.

We have a report that is due every 6 months and even though the report is tricky and somethings aren't on it... he has gotten everything done. But as we have gone on, the lists have gotten longer and longer and he has used more "tricks" to make the list be empty (tricks I taught him but should not have).

But my boss.. spent his entire career blowing deadlines and pretending there was some technical glitch that caused him to miss it.

But as it turns out... if he does that now, he will be throwing ME under the bus, because it is my job to make sure that doesn't happen. No matter what if his work isn't done... it is my fault.

So I do my job and bring things to his attention.

And he resents it. It is impossible for him to claim he didn't know about it when I have 15 e-mails to him informing him of it.

Getting really tried of it.
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