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Lightbulb How to get off my parents' dime?

Hey, all:

I am wondering how to get off my parents' payroll, so to speak.

I worry about something happening to them in the future and that would result in me being completely broke, basically.

I am also 26 years old and I feel that I need to be able to support myself.

That said, I have had some serious mental health struggles, and I'm doing my best.

The thing that gets me is how expensive everything for mental health has gotten (or maybe it has always been that way).

There are several new developments for me, one of which is that I might get a translation gig (not a full-time job, but just a one-time thing). I also am teaching a couple of English classes (but the pay is mediocre).

I also attend graduate school (though it only meets on Saturdays). This is an extra expense.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I have a job in which I perform online essay tutoring, but I only get paid $5 USD per essay.

So, am I just complaining about nothing or am I never going to get a job that pays my bills? I feel like I'm either underselling myself or I am just completely unemployable. I know things take time to develop (and I moved abroad, so probably double that time). But dang, I didn't think it would be this hard to get jobs that pay decently.

Any supportive comments would be appreciated.
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Default Re: How to get off my parents' dime?

I am sorry you are struggling. I have never lived in Argentina, so I do not know much about the economy or work situation there. And I know nothing about mental health care there. Sorry about that. That said, the concept of what you are talking applies in any country, really. How do you plan for a future when you have a severe mental illness? One is, what is your eligibility for any kind of state-sponsored disability program? Two is, have you ever purchased disability insurance yourself in the past? Could you purchase it now? No idea about the insurance market there. Second is, if you want to cut free from your parents, you are going to have to add up all your sources of income and measure that against your expenses. Does it pencil out? If not, then you are going to have to find some more income somehow.

Maybe this is more a long-term thing. For example, what if you sped up your graduate studies program? What is your potential income then? Maybe that should be a goal, to try to get your degree as soon as possible and then get the best job available.

It is hard to plan for these things but in the end, it is just economics 101: what's your total income, what are your total expenses. You have to be totally honest and realistic about these things. Then, you can get a plan.
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Default Re: How to get off my parents' dime?

my feeling is if you are questioning if you need to support yourself, chances are you need to do more. at 26 you should be able to pull in some $$.. while your illness might hold you back some, it seems your jobs don't add up to enough to support you even close to full time. making $5/essay't even really worth the effort, unless there are many hours involved, but even then that is below minimum wage standards here.

I would look for more steady and higher paying employment, even if only part time. this is the age where you need to start developing a base of support, both wage wise and contacts. it seems like you are missing those. if you love your field , search for more positions to fill in the blanks.

good luck!
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Default Re: How to get off my parents' dime?

It sounds like you have some skills you can expand on---
specifically translating and teaching...
When you do get something more steady put a percentage of your pay in a savings account that is Just for you to start a life on your own.
There are many places that translators are desperately needed and there are lots of opportunities for those who can teach. Good Luck!!!!
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