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Default How do I ask for a raise?

My pay rate is really bugging me, my co-worker makes $2 an hour more, which I'm not supposed to know but I do. She got a 50 cent raise after a year, I haven't gotten anything, they think because I'm on disability I can't earn more but I can I'm well below the threashold of what I can earn.

I did some research and this business just doesn't really pay that well. Which has me thinking of going elsewhere because the skills it requires are high and the pay is low. But my mom says ask for a raise first because generally speaking I like the job and they're flexible.

So how do I go about saying I'd like a raise after going on about disability and income limits when I was hired, and shafting myself?
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Default Re: How do I ask for a raise?

You mentioned that you have a review coming up right? That might be a good time to ask.
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Default Re: How do I ask for a raise?

Personally, I think practice can help in these things. You can stand up in your room and make your case, out loud, for why you feel you deserve a raise. Just do it over and over some number of times until it feels more comfortable and familiar to you. Then, when it comes time to actually do it, you will have already done it a bunch of times and it will be no problem.
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