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Unhappy My first official job sucks,overly strict manager has many problems?

So I'm going to just paste what I made in a reddit post last week because there's just so much to write.

I'm into my 3rd week of the job now and there is 1 main manager,2 co-managers. (Technically they're managers as well but the main one has the say for days off,etc.) During this time training,I feel like it's difficult. This is my 3rd job (I've had 2 summer seasonal jobs before) and this is my official year round part time job. We have 3 new people,me included. Another woman and a guy. Despite this,I notice the manager is x10 more tough on me and the other lady. For example,we are generally positioned in pairs. New person+veteran worker so they can supervise us and make sure we make no mistakes. Suddenly out of the blue one day last week,she put both me and the other new lady together during lunch time rush hour,when an influx of customers come in to eat or buy food. She kept standing near us and staring at us. Idk if she has resting ***** face but she never smiles and looks unhappy.

I remember she got mad at me because I just finished lunch shift,and things were cooling down. I had a brain fart and was refilling coins. I put pennies in the quarters slot (no customers around mind you,its down time.) This could have been fixed easily then and there but she makes her way to me and gets mad at me asking me why I did that. I tried explaining it was a genuine mistake because I couldn't think straight from serving so many customers within 1.5 hours. And she didn't say ok or anything. So I just fixed it then and there in front of her and said it won't happen again.

She also nitpicks at the tiniest things we do instead of telling us from the get go. My coworker also said she wished the manager would tell us things prior to getting mad at us so it could be prevented. (I guess there are 2 types of managers. One expects things out of you,and the other will tell you what not to do.) She basically got mad at her because she brought in lunch from home and said you can't bring in lunch from home,you can only eat food there or buy the food there in the mart. Another long time inventory/stock employee said she got mad at him because he let a customer use the restroom in a closed area for eating and he thought that meant only people couldnt eat there. Not that she couldn't use the restroom there. Another employee said that she got mad at them for letting someone use the restroom without buying anything but they weren't aware of this.

I get employees,veterans mind you,telling me one thing to do but then she gets mad and says something else. I.e don't use receipt paper to write down stock/inventory we need for whatever,use discard receipt paper, like someone would have that on hand everytime I do stock/inventory. I had like 3 coworkers that have worked there a long time say it's ok to use fresh receipt paper (given it's not too long.) Or that if a customer has bought $10 (we have a $10 minimum for cards) before on card,and they want to purchase another item that's less than $10,its fine. But with her she said this is not ok. I know this is my first official all year around part time job but training has been taxing so far.

I also feel like she treats certain employees more friendlier/nicer because they are the same ethnicity as her. Our store is broken down into 3 main groups of people. Hispanic people that cook the food mainly. And for the cashiers,its east Asians and south Asians. I'm not specifying what ethnicity she is but the majority of the cashiers are the same ethnicity as her and she's very friendly and talks with them often (despite the store having no talking during transaction signs.) With the few East asian workers,me being one,I notice she never really smiles or talks with us. And she speaks fluent English as do the East Asians...but this is just an observation and I have no concrete proof. Idk if it's a bias. I'm just pooped out..

Edit;she also borderline forced all the employees to try a new product. She had it broken into bits and when she got to me,I said no thank you,and she said you NEED to with a straight face. She said there were walnuts in it. I'm lucky I'm not allergic to walnuts (I am to peanut butter.) I feel like if I said I was allergic after saying no thank you she would still have tried to force me to...

And now I can continue. Last week was my 4th week working there. Honestly the best way I can put it is,imagine having a parent try to claim that they'll teach you how to ride a bike but all they do is throw the bike at you and say,there it is. Go. They don't say hold the bars,that you need balance,etc. They don't hold the back of the bike and push you off gently. Nothing. That is practically her. As I may have said in the post (I wrote too much to remember,) she doesn't tell you what not to do/what to do. She only waits and expects things. She probably expects I won't do anything wrong. But when I do,she gets pissy about it.

I spoke to my coworker last week,my coworker that has worked there far longer than me and said I'm lucky I came around the time I did,because the manager used to be way more mean. I said if she was meaner,then what is she now? Apparently,the manager is passive aggressive. I thought managers were people you're supposed to look up to,people that teach and lead. I guess not all do... She's passive aggressive,according to my coworker,in the sense that if you do something she doesn't like,she won't tell you. She will just cut your working hours without telling you. And she won't make them normal again until she feels you earned it back. This is apparently her "punishment" system.

Also,recently,a chef made a free snack for me. A riceball (Japanese food.) We have this one area where we can put our food in for eating or buying. I had to rush out one day after work because I had to cut my hair and then rush to 8 pm night class so it was a clutch. The next day I went to work,the chef made me some more riceballs and said don't forget them. He then said don't forget them because (manager name here) got mad about it. You're getting mad about food,that I accidentally left in the right area for food we bring/that's ours,that the chef made for me? For what reason? She seems to get grated easily over every little thing.

Like take another coworker that just started working. We talk sometimes because we both can relate on the fact that we're new and have been lectured by her. A lady walked up and wanted to buy 3 bananas. She said the bananas were 3 for $1. When my coworker tried to put this into the system,it showed that the bananas are 50 cents each but this woman working for the MTA claimed it was 3 for $1. My coworker calls for the manager and asks for help but the manager just stands there looking and doesn't say anything. She rings the woman up (I'm not sure if they fixed the problem or found out how much the bananas cost.) The manager walks up to her and is stoned faced and mad. She tells her if the system says its 50 cents a piece its 50 cents a piece. And my coworker kept saying she understood but she wasn't beat down by it and still smiling and chipper. I guess the manager doesn't like chipper people. Cause she borderline dragged the lecture when my coworker said I understand like 3 times.

OH and my biggest complaint about the manager. She makes us eat possibly expired food. So this place I work at isn't just a market,there's also an eating area inside where you can order food. Every morning the chefs make food for lunch boxes and it's set to be eaten within a 4 hour time frame or "best by." This includes other lunchboxes they put on display later in the day. Every night during closing,all the leftover remaining lunch boxes are put in a freezer in the basement and left for the next day (I'm going to be honest I'm not sure what they do with them after they're left down there.) I went to get some hot food (because one of the oldest veteran workers showed me day 1,RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MANAGER MIND YOU,that you can get free food at the kitchen. Fresh hot cooked food. Get a plate,go up and get some rice,ask the chef for whatever meat or side you want and boom. So that's how I've been doing it. No one told me anything. The manager didn't tell me diddly squat. I got food that day and when I went back down to clock in after clocking out for lunch,she told me I'm supposed to check the lunch boxes downstairs to see if there's anything before grabbing fresh hot cooked food. I said ok I'll do that next time.Mind you...this food is left...OVERNIGHT.The store closes 8PM-9PM and opens 12 hours later.The food expires within 4 freaking hours.And she wants us to check if there's any left over to eat...before we eat fresh cooked food? My other new coworker said some of the food coloring looked off when she checked but she ate it. And she got a stomachache. Like? If that's not a health hazard I don't know what is.

I'm honestly at my wit's end. I want to keep working here because every other job I want says you need at least 1 year of retail experience to work there and I'm already 1 month in and feel defeated. Don't get me wrong the people are nice. But god is the manager an absolute nightmare. Nitpicking on every thing. She's stone faced when you're happy but she smiles if you look depressed/worn out from working. She's ethnically biased and treats certain employees more friendlier/better. She's a hothead that gets mad at every little thing you do wrong. Oh and to top if off,my veteran coworker said she gets mad at you and you have to apologize even if she's wrong. She's one of those kinds of people that expects an apology even if she's wrong. I just,seriously. She's also been working there since the store opened so I guess in a sense she's untouchable/the God of the store and no one can say anything to her.
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Default Re: My first official job sucks,overly strict manager has many problems?

So sorry you are going through that. There are some major violations there, like making you eat food, not allowing you to bring your own lunch, and possible discrimination.

Then there are the different directives between veteran employees and your boss. That breakdown in communication and lack of proper leadership is the cause of your distress, apart from the violations of your rights and boundaries.

I would file a formal complaint with a governing agency and make notes about the time, date, incident, and people involved. Keeping a journal like this will help to amke your case/complaint.

If you can afford it, find another job. There are many other decent jobs out there that do not treat you that way.

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Default Re: My first official job sucks,overly strict manager has many problems?

I would find another job. This is not worth it.

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Default Re: My first official job sucks,overly strict manager has many problems?

it sounds crazy but what matters in the long run is what the boss says. she is the one you have to keep happy. right or wrong. she may be a crappy unhappy person, but she is in charge. it's work, and it isn't always a fun pleasant place. bosses can be jerks, and often are. the options are simple: continue working there, or leave.

you are fAirly new to the workplace and employment so it can seem like a crazy take on it is that other workers have found ways to work around this supervisor. you are very new. she may tolerate the older , long term staff, but since you are so new to the place, my guess is she will have low tolerance to you pulling the same tricks they do. if she says jump, my best guess is to ask "how high" and then do it. work isn't meant to be a joyous fun is meant to produce the best results for the company..which is what this supervisor is trying to accomplish. so like I can opt to tow the line and stay, or leave.
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